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CAHU has an active legislative program. The following elements make our legislative program successful:

CAHU is represented by California Advocates, Inc.


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Each of the local chapters of the California Association of Health Underwriters (CAHU) are supposed to elect a Legislative Chair. Local chapter Legislative Chairs serve as the primary liaison between the local chapters’ members and legislative efforts at the State and national level.

Annually, CAHU’s House of Delegates elects a Vice President of Legislation to serve on the CAHU Executive Board. CAHU’s Vice President of Legislation takes office on July 1 and is responsible for communicating with local chapter Legislative Chairs and coordinating grassroots legislative efforts.

Usually, the Vice President of Legislation will schedule regular monthly conference calls to keep local chapter Legislative Chairs informed. If a local chapter Legislative Chair doesn’t have the schedule for conference calls, he/she should call or Email CAHU’s Vice President of Legislation to obtain the calendar of events and activities for the year.

Legislative Council: Local chapter Legislative Chairs serve on CAHU’s Legislative Council along with local chapter PAC Chairs, CAHU’s lobbyists, and CAHU’s Vice President of Legislation. Since the CAHU PAC works hand-in-hand with CAHU’s Legislative Program, local chapter PAC chairs are welcome to participate on the monthly conference calls that keep Legislative Chairs informed. If a Legislative Chair is unable to participate on a conference call, he/she should ask his/her Vice Chair or local chapter President to participate instead. It’s crucial that CAHU members stay informed about legislative developments by participating on these calls.

During the year, the Legislative Council discusses the current legislative environment and decides which issues should be priorities for CAHU. Twice a year, the Legislative Council meets in person. In September, the Legislative Council prepares for the next legislative session. In March, the Legislative Council reviews the bills that the Bill Review Team is tracking. The Legislative Council recommends positions for CAHU to take on these bills: positions to support, support if amended, or oppose.

The entire CAHU Board then votes to accept or reject the Legislative Council’s recommendations. As an organization, CAHU has no official position until the CAHU Board votes to take a position.

Adopt-A-Legislator Program: Every CAHU member should “adopt” his/her elected representatives (State Assembly, State Senator, federal Congressional representative, U.S. Senator). “Adopting” means developing a personal relationship with the elected representative and his/her staff. It also means meeting with the legislators in their district and capitol offices and acting as citizen lobbyists at CAHU’s Day at the Capitol and NAHU’s Day on the Hill each year.

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The CAHU PAC is governed by a separate Board of Directors but the PAC works hand-in-hand with CAHU to achieve CAHU’s legislative goals. Local chapters elect PAC Chairs who are responsible for educating members about the importance of the PAC. Local chapter PAC Chairs raise funds for the PAC, attend political fund raisers, and provide information about up and coming candidates who might deserve PAC support. Click here for more information about the CAHU PAC:

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