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2023 Membership Campaign Toolkit

  1. CAHIP President Membership Campaign Letter
  2. March is Membership Month: Are you reaping the benefits? By Irma Romero
  3. CAHIP Connection March 2023
  4. Membership Campaign Graphics: 
    1. Raise Your Voice!
    2. $50 Off Special Offer
    3. Campaign Start - Sign Up Today!
    4. Diverse Membership Community
    5. Importance of Education
    6. Last Chance!
    7. Networking
    8. Professional Development
    9. 3-in-1 Membership

Sample Social Media Content:

Please make sure to tag CAHIP in any content shared via each local association’s social media channels. Here are the proper tags to use:


Date Topic Copy Image
Anytime Campaign Start Post

March marks the launch of the CAHIP Membership Campaign! With all the challenges health insurance professionals face, it couldn’t be a better time to invest in your professional development. Joining NAME OF YOUR CHAPTER gives you membership in our association at the local, state, and national. Learn more at

Campaign Start
Anytime $50 Membership Special

NAME OF YOUR CHAPTER members: did you know that CAHIP membership offers benefits to professionals across California? No matter what role you hold, there is something for you. Right now, membership is available at a discount! Sign up before March 31 and receive $50 off membership dues:

50 Special Offer
Week of March 13 3-in-1 Membership

Harness the power of 3 in 1 membership!
YOUR CHAPTER NAME members are always in the know with included membership in CAHIP. The monthly CAHIP Connection newsletter, Capitol Summit and annual Statewide Leadership Conference are just a few of the ways that CAHIP gives you up-to-date information and education. Sign up today at

3 in 1 Membership
Week of March 20 Professional Development

Providing the best client service requires the best education. Being a member of NAME OF YOUR CHAPTER also gives you CAHIP and NABIP membership. This means access to educational resources that advance designations, support certifications, and ensure lifelong learning. ?? Be part of our professional's strongest association and visit

Professional Development
Anytime The Importance of Education

Navigating the health insurance landscape is an ongoing challenge. The best way to get ahead is to stay on top of what’s happening by being part of CAHIP, INSERT YOUR CHAPTER NAME and our national association.  Your 3 for 1 membership offers frequent educational opportunities that help you better compete in our dynamic industry. Right now, you can get $50 off your membership with our March Membership Discount! Learn more here:

Importance of Education
Week of March 27 Networking

We all know the power of networking. But only membership in CAHIP and NAME OF YOUR CHAPTER gives you access to one of the most diverse professional networks in the industry. Members have frequent opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals to form partnerships that grow businesses. Our March Membership Campaign is coming to a close - join us today!

Friday, March 31 End of Campaign CAHIP's March Membership Campaign is over, but there is still time to take $50 off your first year’s membership. Today is your last chance, so take advantage and join now!
Last Chance Ending

CAHIP Tool Kit Elements – Q1 2022 

  1. Rebrand Press Release -
  2. Member Letter -
  3. Sample Social Media Content (see below)
  4. Sample Website Copy (see below)

Sample Website Copy:

Goodbye CAHU and Hello CAHIP!

The California Association of Health Underwriters has a new name. Say hello to CAHIP (pronounced CAY-hip), otherwise known as the California Agents & Health Insurance Professionals.  

This rebranding has been a long time coming. A recent survey of statewide members found more than 70% in favor of a new name and brand. We’ve also known for quite some time that “underwriter” is an antiquated term that fails to fully represent the variety of services we provide. And it is often associated with denial of coverage.

The mission and structure of the organization remains the same, with a commitment to advocate for every Californian to get the right, personalized coverage for all stages in life. To learn more, visit the CAHIP website.

Along with the new name comes a bi-monthly e-newsletter where CAHIP Alerts will cover topics including single-payer legislation on the horizon, association updates, industry articles and much more. Make sure that you are a member before the next CAHIP Alert comes out in May, and please share the new name with your clients, colleagues and friends via your own social media.


Below are other useful resources for CAHIP Members:

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