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Because Health Care is Complex

Health Care finance is complex. There are government plans, tax issues, private insurance options through your employer, and individual insurance policies, all of which have different plan features and issues. We are trying to address the complexity by training California Health Care finance professionals to assist you in getting the right financing for your health care dollar.

Because Health Care is Political

Health Care continues to be one of the most important topics in our country – it is about a fifth of the economy, which means that it impacts everyone. So naturally it is a political industry. It is also one of the most highly regulated. We want to provide honest information about the costs of care to consumers and how that is impacted by various aspects of the system. We want to be able to provide clear information for policy leaders and consumers about the impact of their policies and impact on consumers of health care.

Because Health Care is Necessary

Regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum, health care delivery is necessary for a civilized society. CAHU Foundation believes that everyone should have access to health care services and that the only way to effectively do that is to make it affordable for all walks of life. We also believe that to make it affordable, it needs to be efficient, and we need to have smart solutions based on real economic analysis. We hope to help make that happen for California.

Because you want to be part of something good

CAHU Foundation is working toward bringing consumers, payers and providers together through education and information about the largest industry in our country. What could be better than that?

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