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File a New CE Course

Notice: Due to increase fees from the Department of Insurance (DOI). CAHIP now charges $1.00 per person it enters into the DOI database system. Once you submit the attendee roster to CAHIP. CAHIP will send you an invoice for the amount.

CAHIP is continually improving our CE Program and in doing so we welcome requests for new CE Courses to add to our existing Library.  Please be advised that all new CE Courses are subject to approval by the CAHIP VP of Professional Development.  In some cases, if a course will not benefit the entire membership and is for a one time use or specific event the local chapter may be asked to pay the filing fee.  

A minimum of 60 days prior to the anticipated use of the course the local chapter must complete and submit a course filing form which also requires a course outline. Once CAHIP approves the CE outline it will be submitted to the DOI for approval.  The local chapter will be notified of the DOI’s response.

Click here for a sample CE outline.

Please also note that courses are generally filed under the Accident & Health category.  However, some courses may be better suited to be filed under Business Management Practices.  To review the Business Management Practices guidelines, please click here.  Any course that teaches or promotes sales or a specific business product will not be accepted by the Department of Insurance.

Please note that once courses have been filed by CAHIP with the Department of Insurance, any qualified speaker is eligible to teach that course so long as they adhere to the outline.  If you have questions about this, please email


New CE Course Submission Form

It can take up to 6 weeks for DOI to approve a course. CAHIP will notify the contact listed on this form when and if the course has been approved.





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