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Protecting the Consumer's Future

CAHU’s Healthy California for All Commission Task Force has submitted public comments on behalf of YOU, the Agent and Health Insurance Professional!


The Healthy California for All Commission was established by Governor Newsom in December, 2019. This Commission is tasked with making recommendations to the California legislature via two reports on HOW to create a unified financing system for healthcare in CA (aka single payer)!  


In response, CAHU formed the Healthy CA for All Commission Task Force to provide an informed response to all aspects of the Commission’s work. The Task Force engaged in robust comments on the Commission’s limited engagement with health insurance professionals which has yielded cost projections that are wildly unrealistic and if implemented would cause massive disruptions to health care. Those comments can be found HERE


Though CAHU’s first set of joint comments focused on areas of concern and on the Commission’s past shortcomings, CAHU also recognizes and agrees with the objective to identify workable solutions to create positive change for the market; particularly in the areas of access and affordability. Accordingly, the CAHU Task Force drafted public comments on SOLUTIONS that should be pursued by the Commission to make meaningful positive changes for affordable healthcare for all Californians. CAHU’s comments should be included in the next Commission, report which has a due date of February, 2022. That report will then be considered by the California Legislature when related legislative measures are introduced next year. 


CAHU and the Task Force will remain active stakeholders in this historic debate about the future of healthcare and the role of insurance and the agent. CAHU’s public comments contain vital information for all agents and health insurance professionals to be aware of. Your CAHU membership and engagement allows us to participate in all things Commission, single payer, legislation and regulation.


To our members, THANK YOU! To those still on the sidelines, please JOIN US!


*Note: On the federal front, broker disclosure requirements do not appear to be delayed. Be prepared for a date during the 2nd week of November for a NAHU webinar. The webinar will be going over the final rulings and will provide instructions. Keep your eyes out for an email. In addition, read the November-December issue of The Statement for information that will help you prepare for the broker compensation disclosure rules (page 41).  It looks like a paired down structure bill might be coming down the pike with a new deadline of October 31, but will likely be final in November.

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