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Date: October 2022

Medicare updates for 2023

In this special podcast, Host Dorothy Cociu interviews Maggie Stedt and Rosamaria Murrajo from CAHIP’s Medicare Committee, on the Medicare updates needed for 2023 enrollments.  We discuss the important things consumers need to know, the new rules that affect agents, and the Inflation Reduction Act’s Medicare provisions. In addition, we discuss what seniors themselves need to know, their most common questions, hints on how to enroll, as well as the differences in stand-alone prescription drug plans, Medicare supplement plans and more!  



Date: September 2022

Home Stretch – 2022 Legislative Update

by CAHIP Lobbyist Faith Borges and VP of Legislation Dawn McFarland
The 2021-2022 State legislative year is ending on August 31, 2022. Once the final gavel falls, legislators will return home to their districts to resume campaigns and finish out the current elected term that concludes November 30th. The November 8 General Election will determine the fate of all statewide offices, including the Governor, all 80 Assembly seats and half of the 40 Senate seats. While we expect that there will be many new faces, there will also be plenty of incumbents returning to represent newly re-drawn districts following recent updates driven by California’s latest census.



Date: September 2022

CMS Medicare Marketing Rule Update - ALL Markets, please respond to the Operation Shout! 

WOW - there is power in numbers! We reached over 15,000 sends on the Operation Shout from agents in less than a week and almost 1,000 on the new one that you can share with your clients!

Update: NAHU has received notice from CMS that they are just waiting for clearance to send their response, and in the meantime NAHU has sent another communication asking for clarification and guidance since we know agents are receiving conflicting interpretations of the rule.

We are currently in a place that we need to show our professionalism and abiding by the rules is part of what gives professional, licensed and certified agents distinction from TPMO and other call center or even SHIP enrollment sources. That means that we will all be prepared to follow the rules to the best of our ability until we get clear guidance, or notice that the rule is delayed for further consideration. NAHU and your Medicare Advisory teams are planning to host a nationwide webinar when they get official guidance from CMS. Since that may be AFTER Oct. 1st, our best advice to our members is to err on the side of caution as you prepare to comply with the rule beginning Oct. 1st.




Legislative Programs

Each of the local chapters of the California Agents and Health Insurance Professionals (CAHIP) are supposed to elect a Legislative Chair. Local chapter Legislative Chairs serve as the primary liaison between the local chapters’ members and legislative efforts at the State and national level.

Annually, CAHIP’s House of Delegates elects a Vice President of Legislation to serve on the CAHIP Executive Board. CAHIP’s Vice President of Legislation takes office on July 1 and is responsible for communicating with local chapter Legislative Chairs and coordinating grassroots legislative efforts.

Usually, the Vice President of Legislation will schedule regular monthly conference calls to keep local chapter Legislative Chairs informed. If a local chapter Legislative Chair doesn’t have the schedule for conference calls, he/she should call or Email CAHIP’s Vice President of Legislation to obtain the calendar of events and activities for the year.

The entire CAHIP Board then votes to accept or reject the Legislative Council’s recommendations. As an organization, CAHIP has no official position until the CAHIP Board votes to take a position.




There are many ways to get involved in our legislative advocacy program, and make no mistake about it - your active participation is critical and greatly appreciated. Monetary contributions to our state and national Political Action Committees, CAHU PAC and HUPAC are the lifeblood of our success and need not be spectacular to make a difference. We also need boots on the ground in your local communities, as well as your input and insights about issues that affect our clients and their families. Please see below and explore these are the many other ways you can help us make a difference on behalf of health care consumers.

Local chapters elect PAC Chairs who are responsible for educating members about the importance of the PAC.



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