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The California Agents and Health Insurance Professionals (CAHIP) was founded in 1989 and today has well over 2,000 members.  We are the state’s largest organization of professional health insurance agents and brokers, who collectively represent more than one million California healthcare consumers.

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CAHIP has 13 local chapters throughout the state, and we are also members of the National Association of Benefits and Insurance Professionals (NABIP), headquartered in Washington, DC.  We are committed to serving our clients and communities through education, advocacy and professional development, and we proudly follow NABIP'S Code of Ethics.As a CAHIP member, you have immediate access to a vast array of services and resources to grow your business, deepen your expertise, and expand your toolbox with information, education, and quality networking.  Join today and see for yourself why CAHIP is the association for professional health insurance agents and brokers.

Stay on top of the latest healthcare legislation affecting your business -- become a CAHIP member today.

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Membership Resources


Membership Resources
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Contributions or gifts (including membership dues) to CAHIP are not tax deductible as charitable contributions. Pursuant to the Federal Reconciliation Act of 1993, association members may not deduct as ordinary and necessary business expenses, that portion of association dues dedicated to direct lobbying activities. Based upon the calculation required by law, * of the dues payment only should be treated as nondeductible by CAHIP members. Check with your tax advisor for tax credit/deduction information.

*2021 is 70%

*2016 is 28%

*2015 is 31%








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