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In the latest CAHIP Connection we informed members of a single sentence "spot bill," AB 1690 was introduced with INTENT language to advance single payer later this legislative session. That bill reads in total: "This bill would state the intent of the Legislature to guarantee accessible, affordable, equitable, and high-quality health care for all Californians through a comprehensive universal single-payer health care program that benefits every resident of the state."

This week a different spot bill, SB 770, was gutted and amended with language that directs "the Secretary of the California Health and Human Services Agency to pursue waiver discussions with the federal government with the objective of funding a unified health care financing system in California."

The waivers would redirect all current funding from the Federal Government used for Medi-Cal and Medicare to instead finance single payer creating a government monopoly of medical, behavioral health, pharmaceutical, dental, vision, and long-term care benefits.

What can you do?

  • As CAHIP prepares for our Capitol Summit we ask that you make room on your calendar to attend, invite a colleague to join you, and share with legislators our concerns about single payer decreasing access, quality, and affordability of healthcare for the majority of Californians. Register here!
  • READ our emails to stay up-to-date and take action when you receive an "Operations Shout" to communicate with your legislators prior to key votes.
  • There are MANY health insurance agents in CA and we need everyone to stand together on behalf of consumers. We need your help telling agents that we need their membership. Hey large agencies, I am looking at you! If you need someone to help you- reach out to any of us on the board! Click here to join now! 
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