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Protecting the Consumer's Future


  1. Speaker Qualifications
    • All instructors are required to complete and submit CA Department of Insurance Speaker Qualification forms (see below) and supporting documentation to CAHU prior to presenting a CE Course.
    • DOI requires that all instructors submit this forms with supporting documentation regardless of if you have been a speaker in the past or for another entity.  If you are unsure if your form is up to date please contact CAHU at info@cahu.org
    • DOI requires that all instructors submit their social security number. Failure to do so will result in CAHU denying your request to present our CE Courses.  DOI has the right to use your social security number to perform a background check.
  2. Instructor Qualification Form 446-4 (7/14) -- Please see page two of the form for details. All instructors must complete this form, regardless if having previous CAHU CE experience.
  3. Subject Matter Expert(s) Form 446-4A (7/14) -- DOI now requires instructors to provide their SSN for a DOI background check.
    CAHU requires that originals of the Instructor Qualification Forms be mailed to CAHU prior to the course being filed to:
    • CAHU, 2520 Venture Oaks Way #150, Sacramento CA 95833
  4. Use of CAHU Courses by a non-CAHU entity
    • At this time, we do not allow our courses to be used by outside entities.
  5. Sample CE Outlines
    Click here to view a sample CE Outline.  Please make sure that you include a brief course summary (3-5 sentences) describing how the course is related to health insurance.  




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